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The Cotopaxi National Park is the second most visited park in Ecuador after the Galapagos Islands, its best attraction is the Cotopaxi Volcano with an altitude of 5987m (19.347.11 ft.), it is the highest active volcano in the world, and thousands of tourists visit it every month because it is the main tourist attractions near Quito


The most popular activities are climbing to the top, hiking, horseback riding, and bike. Our 1-day tour, combines up to 3 activities, starting with the hike to the glaciers from 4600 m (15.091.86 ft.) parking lot to 5100m (16.732.28 ft.) Perpetual Glacier, it’s easy to climb to this height without technical equipment, without experience is possible because of our transportation arrival to the parking lot. After descending from the glacier we will make biking down (optional but very fun activity and depends on availability and agency) from the upper part of the volcano parking lot to the lower part of the park to the Limpiopungo Lagoon 3850 m (12.631.23 ft.) and the people who take a horseback ride will do it in the camping and springs area, lower part.


Bike and Hike



Wednesday to Sunday

Price of Cotopaxi Horseback is 100 USD

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