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Picaditas image


▪ Sautéed meat with vegetables accompanied with french fries and salad
▪ Carne salteada con vegetales acompañada de papas fritas y ensalada

Beef - Carne


Chicken - Pollo


Mixed - Mixto


Locro de Papas image

Locro de Papas

▪ Traditional Ecuadorian potato soup with cheese. Accompanied by Avocado, Herbs (Coriander and Parsley) - Optional Skins.
▪ Tradicional sopa ecuatoriana de papas con queso. Acompañado de Aguacate, Hiervas (Culantro y Perejil). - Opcional Cueritos


Traditional Food
Quesadillas image


▪ Cornbread, stuffed with cheese
▪ Pan de maíz, relleno de queso


Flat Chicken Plater image

Flat Chicken Plater

▪ Grilled chicken with salad and french fries.
▪ Pollo a la plancha con ensalada y papas fritas.


Lasagna image


▪ Homemade beef or chicken lasagna.
▪ Lasaña casera de carne o pollo.

Beef - Carne


Chicken - Pollo


Alitas BBQ image

Alitas BBQ

▪ Six delicious wings covered with homemade BBQ sauce with french fries
▪ Seis deliciosas alitas cubiertas con salsa casera BBQ con papas fritas


Burger Gigante image

Burger Gigante

▪ Two-meat burger with BBQ, accompanied by French fries.
▪ Hamburguesa de dos carnes con BBQ y papas fritas.

Meats - Two Types of Cheese - Lettuce - Tomato - Bacon - Picles


Burger Green image

Burger Green

▪ Soft cereal Milanese with lettuce, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, a layer of avocado and French fries
▪ Suave milanesa de cereales con lechuga, tomates asados, champiñones, una capa de aguacate y papas fritas


Tallarín image


▪ Noodles in Ham, Chicken or Meat sauce
▪ Tallarín en salsa de Jamón, Pollo o Carne

Beef - Carne


Chicken - Pollo


Ham - Jamón


Camarones Apanados image

Camarones Apanados

▪ Fresh breaded shrimp, accompanied by rice and French fries.
▪ Camarones frescos apanados, acompañados de arroz y papas fritas.


Chocolate con Pan de Ajo image

Chocolate con Pan de Ajo

▪ Chocolate with Bread covered with garlic and olive oil
▪ Chocolate con Pan cubierto con ajo y aceite de oliva



Ensalada Cesar image

Ensalada Cesar

▪ Fresh lettuce salad, croutons, mozzarella cheese, ham, olives accompanied by Caesar dressing
▪ Fresca ensalada de lechuga, crotones, queso mozzarella, jamon, aceitunas acompañado de aderezo cesar


 Vegetarian Salads Friends image

Vegetarian Salads Friends

▪ Salad of lettuce, tomato, carrot, pearl onion, olive with a vegan fillet and apple and lemon dressing
▪ Ensalda de lechuga, tomate, zanahoria, cebolla perla, aceituna con un filete vegano y aderezo de manzana y limón




 Pizza Vegetarian Friends image

Pizza Vegetarian Friends

▪ Mix of vegetables, tomato, olives and mozzarella cheese
▪ Mix de vegetales, tomate, aceitunas y queso mozzarella







Water image


▪ Water bottle
▪ Botella de Agua


Cola - Cola image

Cola - Cola

▪ Botella de Coca - Cola
▪ Bottle of Coke


Beer image


▪ Beer Bottle (Small)
▪ Botella de Cerveza (Pequeña)


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