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The trip is along the extensive highway known as «La Panamericana» to the north to reach the Quitsato sundial, located near the canton of Cayambe, named after the snow-capped mountain located there.

This cultural site was built to measure the solstices and equinoxes, in pre-Hispanic times, as well as «the other half of the world», the line of the equator this crosses place in the middle of the summit of the mountain Cayambe. Its people live from livestock and agriculture, a sector well known for the harvest of roses for export worldwide.


To learn a little more about its gastronomy, we have a stop in Cayambe to have a cup of coffee or Ecuadorian chocolate with a small dessert called Bizcochos; which are like a type of small breads baked in the oven with an incomparable flavor and best of all, we will go inside to see its elaboration process.


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